Founded in Plovdiv, Professional Private European College of Innovative Technology is quickly established as one of the main educational and development institutions in Bulgaria.

The College seeks to develop and disseminate science and education. As one of the leading centers of vocational training, Professional Private European College of Innovative Technology has several main objectives:

  • maintain and improve their position on high quality college education;
  • align its achievements with global standards;
  • provide an excellent learning environment;
  • support the acquisition of knowledge in a wide range of professional disciplines;
  • Build leaders who are prepared for high personal and professional achievements.

Professional Private European College of Innovative Technology particularly values ​​the intellectual and economic ties with Bulgarian society, which forms its beginning and provides a foundation from which it will continue to the broadest international horizons enriching itself and Bulgaria.

The Omega Private Vocational College  is committed to:

  • Providing access to high-quality vocational training
  • Interactive teaching and education
  • Providing opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential
  • Collective and good-faith relations
  • Tolerance towards diversity and individual differences
  • Action for the benefit of society
  • Satisfaction with intellectual development


By choosing Professional Private European College of Innovative Technology, you are enrolled in a modern school whose mission is to place you in a condition of true quality education and give you a wonderful start in professional life.

Continuous improvement of our teaching methods creates an advantage in the learning process. By assisting our college students in increasingly analytical, critical and ethical thinking, we build leaders capable of dealing with every encountered difficulty.

By combining flexible teaching with intensive research, we can proudly state that we are counting towards the 21st century, and the accumulated knowledge and experience are distinguished by higher quality and wider applicability in society as a whole.

Developing the personality, acquiring and deepening knowledge, promoting cultural exchange between our country and the world, solving social, political, economic and cultural problems by linking existing practice and new research - all this requires us to take on a serious responsibility.

Which we do with much desire and professionalism!


Professional Private European College of Innovative Technology has as its primary objective to be a real educational center on a national scale.

In order to achieve this, we place our attention on the development of college students, both intellectually and morally, and the outcome of this process should be their realization in the professional and social spheres.

Of course, this can not be achieved without an appropriate academic environment in which teachers can feel good enough and pass on their knowledge and experience to college students. In this way, we create not just a wonderful place to learn, but we make a step towards a higher quality society based on true professionalism and faith in good.

We are convinced that knowledge is a force capable of changing the world by giving it a reasonable form.



доц. Никола Кузманов

Заместник директор

Васка Стоянова