The Omega College sets itself the goal of being a professional education center on a national scale. To achieve this, we are taking care of the development of college students, both intellectually and morally. We focus entirely on the services we offer to our alumni, and we hope to meet here all that they had in advance as an expectation.

The Omega College Services Center is designed to drive normal college processes, improve work efficiency, make college access easier and more convenient to the services and resources needed.

This program includes services such as:

  • Language and professional courses - college students have the opportunity to develop and learn in the various fields of study offered by The Omega College through the specialization courses.
  • Assistance to find the accommodation of college students - CHP "Omega" has a database of accommodation and is always ready to find a suitable place for living their college students.
  • Job search assistance - competent counseling for the professional realization of college students during and after graduating from college.
  • Organizing sporting events - including football tournaments, basketball tournaments and more.
  • Library - built entirely to assist college students, in case of difficulties with the study material.
  • Free access to computer rooms with the Internet