The management of the college is carried out by: Directorate, Manager, Department of Education, Department of Marketing and Administrative Department.

The Directorate organizes and controls the training in the college, supervises the implementation of the assigned tasks by the Ministry of Education and Science.

The main task of the Manager is to determine the long-term goals for the development of the College. He helps and assists the Directorate in solving problems related to the education of college students and beyond. Approves and helps in designing the marketing strategy of the college.

The Learning Department connects college, faculty and administration. The activity involves discussing all the issues and needs of learners and learners. The main purpose of the department is to support and tolerate college students, both in official and personal matters.

The administrative department provides and maintains the material and technical base. It takes care of the convenience of college students and teachers during the learning process.

The main tasks of the Marketing Department are to coordinate the actions for the realization and advertising of the college, market research and competition and communication with companies and organizations offering advertising. The department's priority is also to design and implement the marketing policy of the college.

The department is directly subordinate to the College Manager.


College Management Plan:


The Learning Department is the link between college and lecturers, as well as the organizer of the learning process itself.

The activity involves discussing all the issues and needs of learners and learners.

Under the director's direction, the employees of the department carry out activities covering the whole period of the college education from the enrollment to the graduation - issuing of college books, personal cards,  academic references, evidence of professional qualification, certificates of professional training. The department monitors and implements the decisions of the Pedagogical Council related to the learning process, collects and stores all the educational documentation, monitors the implementation of the Law on National Education, the Law for Vocational Education and Training.


The priority of the training department is to listen, support and tolerate college students!

For contact:

Rosen Gerasimov - Manager

GSM +359 882 933 572

tel. 032/944 544



The Council functions as a specialized body to discuss and solve basic academic and college issues. It includes all academic staff performing the following functions:

  • Adoption of a college development strategy, updated every year
  • Adoption of the College's activity regulations
  • Adoption of the college curriculum
  • Definition of the forms of training
  • Discuss learning outcomes